Wolf Full Moon Jan 2020


Reflections - The Shot


Hazy Shade of Winter.... #2


Melting Lake Winter 2020


Dark Days II


Dark Days I


Look At The Trees


Dusk In Trees


Hazy Shade of Winter


Walk The Path


Sunset Beauty


Shades of Winter


Taking Shapes. . .


The Fall of Light


Beautiful Winter


Sunsets with clouds...


Autumn Greats


Fall in the reserve. . .


Like hidden laughter. . .


Leaves of Three


Dog Toys - Artwork


Forks of Hope


Puff of Clouds


Sunset October


More Light. . .


The Light!!!!


October Sunsets


Hells Bells


The Pale Rose


Walk About II


Walk About


Flowers That Passed


Writing Desk - Very Old


Clay Work VI


Unknown Box


Pretty Lavender!!!!


Clay Work V


Grass in the wind. . .


Clay Work IV


Clay Work III


Clay Work II


Clay Work I


Take Your Dog For A Ride !!!!


Dog Tracks. . . .


The Power of Music!!!!


Rocks on Top


Using Magic


Saving Magic


Vintage Flowers


Read Something. . .


Get a little creative dirt going


Written Journals. . .


Spin A Top


Open a Book


Read A Book


Digital Chaos Photography


Square Copper. . .


Cross that bridge. . . .


Bend Light ??


Be Creative - Find a Way


Rocks on the Bounce!!


Wrench Doesn\'t Fix Hammer!!!!


Drill Bit


My Camera Drinks Light


Iron Butterfly


Time To Wake Up!!!!


Also an Eagle




Climb That Ladder. . .


Vanilla Sky


Wild Flowers


Believe in Something!!


Fall Seasons Come and Go


Stone Hearts


Hands of Time


Super Blood Moon


Oblivion Days


It is time for stormy weather...


Read Between The Lines....


Copper Bars....


The Gears Of Fate


Grass in the wind. . .


This old cup. . . .


Butterfly Hanging Out!!


Roxies Dragonfly


Blue Jars


Basil - Good Food!!


Memento Mori - Remember!!


Rocks To Stay!!


Succulents Cool !!!!


Yellow Rose #2


Yellow Rose #1